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Building An Event Venue: Best Impressions Opens The Revelry

When they began building an event venue, Justin King, CEO and President of Best Impressions Caterers in Charlotte, North Carolina, knew just what he and his team wanted. They knew because their clients had told them, and they had listened. In June 2023, they opened the city’s most-anticipated venue, The Revelry.

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The Revelry event venue under construction

“We knew there was a market for a large-capacity venue in Charlotte for events of 300 guests or more,” he says. After some searching, they found what they wanted in Camp North End, a property and redevelopment that stood out for its history in the region and proximity to Uptown Charlotte. It also featured a huge amount of square footage and high ceilings. That, and 30 years of experience in the market was the foundation on which Best Impressions began to build the space.

building an event venue | The Revelry | Best impressions catering | ecep | top caterers

The Revelry North End was outfitted with all the best, modern amenities, and equipment. “We implemented an extensive and creative food and beverage program to meet the palate of any event, from corporate to philanthropic,” King says. State-of-the-art lighting and AV systems were brought in to make the space an atmosphere that could serve hundreds of guests and customized events.


To market the new space even before it was finished Best Impressions relied on long-lasting relationships with clients and partners. “Referrals from satisfied clients are our primary marketing tool,” King says. And to spread the word, the company threw a construction “hard hat” event for community leaders and event professionals which helped show the space before and after renovations.

Those “under construction” moments were also posted on Instagram to begin to tell the story well before the venue was opened. Interest began to build.

Once the venue was complete, the grand opening event was attended by more than 1,000 guests and of course was featured in the media – both social and traditional.

“The transformation was the best marketing we could have asked for,” King says.




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