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It’s more than just food. You can trust us with your reputation. For over 42 years, our team at Proof of the Pudding has believed in challenging the status quo by thinking differently. Our approach to culinary cuisine involves sourcing local, fresh ingredients and creating our menu items from scratch. We offer an elevated Mixology experience by creating custom, cutting-edge cocktails and local beer offerings, to provide guests with an interactive experience. We believe that today’s guests take their “first bite with their eyes.” We also create fun, transformative presentations of food and beverage which is paramount in helping us craft a unique lifetime event for our guests. We do this by selecting the best people, sourcing the highest quality products, and providing the best possible hospitality. We believe in providing a streamlined approach to operations, ensuring your team will be working directly with the owners of our company from the planning to execution. Today’s food and beverage scene is ever-changing, and we understand that consumers are looking for true dining experiences that they can share with their friends and family, both in-person and immediately on social media. We understand and embrace this opportunity to engage these guests through presenting creative, local and regional menu items there are unique to the area in new and exciting ways.

Contact Proof of the Pudding:


(404) 892-2359

Atlanta, GA

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