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Food Trends Part Two: After-Party Catered Snacks

After-party catered snacks and menus have become as extensive and creative as the main wedding and event menus, ensuring the celebration continues well into the night. In Part Two of our Food Trends series (see part one on Elevated Street Food here) To keep the vibe going, ECEP member 24 Carrots Catering and Events in Costa Mesa, California, shares ideas for after-party catered snacks that keep guests satisfied and the wedding couple fortified as they dance their way into their new life together.

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Photos: Villa Visuals

Ramen Bowls

Bring an unexpectedly "pho-nomenal" experience to the post-wedding atmosphere with cozy bowls of warm, hearty ramen. Tiny cups for sipping make it easy for guests to enjoy on the dance floor, while standard bowls filled with customizable mix-ins offer a crave-worthy break to fuel the party.

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Photos: McCune Photographers


Not just for breakfast anymore! Set up a cereal bar featuring a variety of favorite cereals and milk options (including almond, soy, and lactose-free). Have fun with nostalgic classics and chef-crafted culinary creations.

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Top left: Lovisa Photo | Bottom left, Chicken Katsu sliders: Jackie Culmer Photo | Fries: Lovisa Photo

Sliders & Fries

The irresistible allure of sliders and fries is undeniable. Serve them on trays for easy mingling on the dance floor, or create a slider and fry bar where guests can customize their toppings and combinations. Feeling adventurous? Offer options like salmon sliders, bang-bang shrimp sliders, or gator sliders for a unique twist on a classic favorite.

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Photo: Lovisa Photo

Mac & Cheese

Indulge in the ultimate comfort food with mini bowls of creamy Mac & Cheese or try crowd-pleasing fried Mac & Cheese poppers for a finger-friendly option. Elevate the experience with a Mac & Cheese bar where guests can add their favorite fixings like steamed lobster, truffle, or roasted cauliflower.

Dance Floor Food

Why should guests pause their dancing to eat? Roaming carts filled with an array of the items from above allows everyone to grab a snack and keep on dancing.

After-party catered snacks keep the energy high, and also give you a chance to get creative with new menu ideas.



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